Valvignères wine cooperative


Production Red wines:
-Merlot: grape, harvested in early September, it gives a soft, supple and tender, with a beautiful Ruby colour. Good ability to aged, at least 3-4 years, it can however be enjoyed young.
-Syrah: the more traditional variety of the average of the Rhône Valley, it gives a wine distinctive, heady, smooth and powerful. A bit harsh in his youth the Syrah wine reached all its glory within a few years.
-Cabernet Sauvignon: its small grains of slate colour give wines very full-bodied, very colourful and rich in tannins. Mostly appropriate to aged but very early harmonious, it may be good in the first year.
-Grenache: characteristic varietal from the land of Sun, it likes stony and arid land. Its sweet grape produces wines colourful, very rich in alcohol. Variety of assemblage, it gives a rich, balanced wine with a good ability to aged.

Production white wines:

-Chardonnay: one of the finest of all white varietals, Chardonnay gives absolutely remarkable, transparent, light, fruity wines.
-Sauvignon Blanc: grapes known worldwide, it gives very fruity, light and remarkable wines.
-Viognier: varietal of the Valley of the Rhône, exceptional wine, golden and fragrant, sweet and fruity. It fully deploys its aromas in the year following the harvest.