Winegrowers' Cooperative


Red wine production:
- Merlot: grape variety harvested early on at the beginning of September, producing a soft, supple and tender wine, with a beautiful Ruby colour. Good ageing ability, at least 3-4 years, it can however be enjoyed young.
- Syrah: the most traditional variety of the mid-Rhône Valley, it produces a distinctive, heady, smooth and powerful wine. It can be quite bitter-tasting when consumed young. Syrah wine is best consumed after ageing for a few years.
- Cabernet Sauvignon: its small grains of slate colour produce very full-bodied, very colourful wines that are rich in tannins. This wine can age well, but reaches a harmonious quality very quickly and so can be consumed within the first year.
- Grenache: this characteristic grape variety from a sunny region is fond of stony and arid land. Its sweet grape produces colourful and strong wines. Used as a blending grape variety, it produces a rich, balanced wine with a good ability to age.

White wine production:
- Chardonnay: one of the finest of the white grape varieties, Chardonnay produces absolutely remarkable, transparent, light, fruity wines.
- Sauvignon Blanc: these grapes are known worldwide, and produce very fruity, light and remarkable wines.
- Viognier: grape variety from the Rhône Valley, producing exceptional wine that is golden and fragrant, sweet and fruity. It is at its best in the year following the harvest.