La Table de Cousignac


Over 6 years have been necessary to carry out the project of catering at the Domaine Notre-Dame de Cousignac.

It all started with the competition for the best winemaker cook that Raphaël won at the Exhibition SIRHA in 2013.

In 2014, the winery made a partnership with the Hotel School Marie Rivier to teach to pupils how to make wine. From then on several vintages have been created... which helped to strenghten ties with chefs and catering.

In 2017, Raphaël obtained an hygiene qualification for catering and the licence in 2018. An "improved table d'hôtes" has been experimented during the summer 2018 and young students of vocational school came to help.

In 2019, the project takes shape. The team works out to organize a network of bio producers through "La Ruche qui dit Oui" which can supply produces to the restaurant and offers a range of quality. The aim is a bio and rural bistronomy with a bio certification level 3 (95% of the products for the restaurant have to be bio-certified). A maximum of products come from local agriculture.